What Is Sagekat?

Sagekat is your go-to site for articles, reviews and buying info focused on chic, clean and cruelty-free beauty products. Whether you’re an eco-curious newbie or green-beauty veteran, we bring you fun and useful news, insights and shopping tools. We don’t actually sell products. Instead, we draw on research, in-house trials and years of experience to connect you with the highest-quality, purest and loveliest green-beauty gems — across retailers and regardless of brand. We also provide a venue for women to share green-beauty and eco-style recommendations.

Come to Sagekat for:

…all delivered sans guilt trip!

Green Is Beautiful

We respect your personal style and beauty choices, and also want to help you look and feel your best. That’s why Sagekat focuses on green beauty. We believe that green products are just plain better, yet they can easily go unconsidered due to all the heavily-funded marketing noise about high-markup conventional or greenwashed products. We give you the information to choose for yourself.

Why green?

Compared to conventionals, green beauty products use fewer fillers and pack a higher concentration of actives — giving you better results with less product. At the same time, they avoid toxic ingredients and are made by creative, conscientious indie companies in ways that are cruelty free, respectful of workers and more eco-friendly.

Healthy, strong, kind. That’s a recipe for beauty inside and out.

Meet the Team

Heidi Craig

Founder + Editor in Chief

There was a time that Heidi rebelled against her crunchy Berkeley-hippie upbringing with a devil-may-care partytime attitude, punctuated by Aquanet, pornstar makeup and gusts of Coco Chanel. Now — after having broadened her view through a degree in international studies from UC Berkeley and many years working in marketing and at the United Nations — she has come to appreciate the wisdom of the crunchy.

Heidi still enjoys the latest fashion and loves a good party, but she also leads a more healthful and conscientious life. Partly through Sagekat and her personal shopping choices, she aims to better honor nature, kindness, animals and beauty. On top of her label-reading, green-beauty regimen, she’s not averse to taking esthetic jackhammers and laser guns to the face. She’ll never surrender her hairspray or razor.

Heidi lives in San Francisco with her handsome husband, tiny dog and two enormous cats.

Superpower: aura that destroys tech devices

Kristen Nelson

Awesome + Manager Operations

Kristen, with her impossibly long eyelashes, puts products to the test and helps make Sagekat go kat go. A committed green beauty fan, Michigander (Michigoose?) Kristen actually grew up with big mainstream brands like most Americans. Her own natural skepticism and thought-provoking sources like movie “Food, Inc.” put her on the path to Sagekat’s door. We’re so happy she’s here!

On her days off, Kristen enjoys trend-watching, savoring doughnuts, beatnicking around and dining her way through San Francisco with her chef fiance.

Superpower: ability to detect celery in any scent

Augustus “Auggie” Craig-Looney

Charmer, Lapdog Extraordinaire

Auggie enjoys being a green pup — from his natural lemongrass shampoo and shea conditioner to his compostable poo bags. Twice daily, during our office group-stretch sessions, he expertly leads us in a downward dog.

Superpower (besides intense cuteness): ability to insist on leaving work every day exactly 18 minutes early

Some Core Beliefs

  • Green or not, style and beauty shopping should be chic and fun.
  • Zero impact is impossible, but it’s noble to try to suck less.
  • Green beauty products tend to be superior products. Period.
  • Animal testing is primitive, unnecessary and just plain mean.
  • Your best defense against marketing tricks is knowledge.
  • Cheap, corporate products usually come at a bigger hidden price.
  • Pursuit of healthy mind, body and living should give you pleasure (not unhealthy guilt or stress).
  • There’s no perfect product, just the perfect product for you.

What Is Philtre?

Philtre LLC, mentioned in our legalese, owns Sagekat and was once a green beauty store. We decided that — given our backgrounds, interests and strengths — we’d be more effective at supporting conscientious shoppers and businesses alike.

We are especially excited to help women who want to vote green with their dollars in the beautiful world of conscious personal care, decor and fashion.