We are Sagekat, the top source for green-beauty and ethical-fashion shopping. We feature The Ethical Edit magazine, a “store” with product info and where-to-buy, and also resources and tools like a green directory and a unique makeup swatch gallery with 1000s of colors.

Submission Topics & Types

Sagekat articles are about green beauty and ethical fashion. They’re written for women who enjoy style and good design, but would also like to make greener, healthier, more positive style choices for themselves. Posts are meant to directly or indirectly help readers move in that direction, and they always contain a shopping (or reduced-shopping) component. Any highlighted products must meet our green standards.

Sagekat is open to a wide range of article types, as long as they’re centered around green style and beauty. Here are a few:

  • Fashion/beauty photo edits
  • First-person style-blogger editorials
  • Original tutorials
  • Original, easy DIYs
  • Style or trend reports
  • Style or beauty experiments
  • Industry news
  • Celebrity tidbits
  • Event or award coverage
  • Interviews
  • Useful tips, ideas
  • Listicles
  • Shopping guides

Video is happily accepted.

Submission Requirements

  1. Every submission must be original content that you own the rights to.
  2. Please fact check your content and provide sources/links for all your info.
  3. If you include video or images, you must own and be able to assign the rights to them.
  4. Images must be high-resolution and at least 900 pixels wide.

Make a Submission

Submitting a post does not guarantee that Sagekat will publish it. If we’d like to post your contribution, we’ll respond within two weeks. If you’d like to pitch a submission first, feel free to send us a proposal.

SUBMIT A POST OR PITCH: hello@sagekat.com