What does it take for a style or beauty product to be accepted to Sagekat? Green claims and a brown label are not enough (note to greenwashers). We research every line we showcase, making our best most stubborn effort to ensure that they are:

  • Effective, an Excellent Value and a Joy to Use – Products need to do as they claim, look good and offer a pleasureful, high-value experience.
  • Non-Toxic – We consider each product’s actual contents, not just its “free-of” list. “Sulfate free” is great — but not with other ingredients that are worse!
  • Cruelty Free – Products must be free of animal testing; extra points for vegan. We accept no products sold in China, until China no longer requires animal testing.
  • Ethically Made – We focus on fair-trade and eco-friendly practices, ingredients and components, as well as thoughtful production by indie makers or in equitable labor markets.
  • From Conscientious Brands – We love promoting independent companies that show they care through charitable giving, activism, and environmental and community work.