Kjaer Weis is a visionary and forward thinking cosmetics line created by Danish-born, New York-based makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis. It’s a brand that recognizes health and beauty equally.

A veteran of countless magazine covers and fashion shoots, Kirsten noticed something about every woman that sat in her makeup chair: they all had at least a few “conventional” makeup products they found irritating to the skin. “It made me think, if these products are causing short term effects like breakouts and rashes, then what would the long term effects look like? There had to be another choice.”

After extensive research, Kirsten partnered with an Italian manufacturer that exclusively used natural ingredients. It was like wines from the same vineyard changing in taste every vintage. However, unlike wine, the makeup had to be uniform in color, consistency and texture every time. So each new batch of product had to be, and still is, personally inspected by Kirsten for the highest level of quality control.

The last step was creating a presentation for the product, with the same uncompromising standards that were used in the production of the makeup itself.

Red lacquer, grain-textured boxes, like little jewelry cases, were created to house bold metal compacts with white enamel “KW” logos. To reduce waste, all of the compacts were designed to be refillable.

Each compact comes with your chosen color, and refill pans are available in simple paper cartons that are fully recyclable. Even the refills were designed to be beautiful. The goal was to maintain both sustainability principles and a high standard of design.

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17 Items