Meet the Team

Some Core Beliefs

  • Green or not, style and beauty shopping should be chic and fun.
  • Zero impact is impossible, but it’s noble to try to suck less.
  • Green beauty products tend to be superior products. Period.
  • Animal testing is primitive, unnecessary and just plain mean.
  • Your best defense against marketing tricks is knowledge.
  • Cheap, corporate products usually come at a bigger hidden price.
  • Pursuit of healthy mind, body and living should give you pleasure (not unhealthy guilt or stress).
  • There’s no perfect product, just the perfect product for you.

What Is Philtre?

Philtre LLC, mentioned in our legalese, owns Sagekat and was once a green beauty store. We decided that — given our backgrounds, interests and strengths — we’d be more effective at supporting conscientious shoppers and businesses alike.

We are especially excited to help women who want to vote green with their dollars in the beautiful world of conscious personal care, decor and fashion.